RECOMMENDED: Play with earphones.

You're a survivor in a zombie wasteland. You've been surviving alone for months since the plague has spread... But for some reason, after a tiring of evading dangers and collecting resources, you woke in a eerie facility located in who-knows-where... Worse, you're out of resources and surrounded with the creatures you've been running from since the zombie accident.

Press W,A,S and D  or directional arrows to move;

Left click to shoot

Right click  to open doors

R to reload

If you want to find out how the game works within Construct (the game engine used to made the game) it`s coding and core files used or the game doesn't work in your browser use this link to download the original .capx file of the last version of Izolation):(*

You can execute the .capx file with Construct2/3 or directly via browser with the online version of Construct (

*This link also contains the .capx version of the others games in this account.

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